We opened our doors in 1987 with the goal of caring for your pets at a particularly vulnerable time: when their caretakers travel. Rather than deal with the stress of trying to gather up a few friends to stop in on your dog a couple times a day, bring your pet to a stable, secure environment instead. Here at Kozy Kennels, Inc, we pride ourselves in providing pets with stimulating play and stress-relieving activities such as quiet time with a caretaker and plenty of fresh air and natural sunlight.
Your Pet’s Care and Comfort is Our Main Concern
Our accommodations include spacious runs for canines and cozy apartments for felines. For playtime, we have a spacious yard and an assortment of toys we know your pet can be happy to play with. Before you check your pet out, you might consider scheduling an appointment with our on-site grooming staff. We truly offer a well-rounded experience for your pet—granting you the peace of mind you need to enjoy your weekend away.
When you leave your pet with us, you can expect:
• Regular daily routines that give your pet a sense of security so he or she can know what to expect each day
• Sensitive, caring staff ready to calm your stressed companion or play tirelessly with your energetic pup
• Co-boarders who are up-to-date on all their shots (*Please note that proof of your pet’s vaccinations is required)
• Advice for helping your pet with the transition from home to kennel and from kennel to home

Please note that these rates are all-inclusive; we do not tack on unnecessary fees for extra bedding, special dietary requests, or individual attention and extra play time.

Call (508) 339-0791 today to book your pet’s stay!

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