While You’re Away

A Typical Day at Kozy Kennels, Inc.
Your dog’s day begins at 7:00 am. Your dog will be let outside first thing. PlayingDuring this time we are busy inside cleaning and sanitizing your dog’s quarters. After cleaning and refreshing your dog’s living area, he/she will come back inside for breakfast, followed by some one-on-one time and then a rest period.

When the outside temperature is between 60 and 80 degrees the doors are left open during the day, so that your dog may enjoy the outside air while still having the comfort of the inside. If the temperature is under 60 or over 80 degrees the kennel is fully heated and air-conditioned for your dogs comfort. We have regular exercise periods throughout the day. In the late afternoon we feed a second meal or snack.

Making the Transition
Most dogs will adjust beautifully to our kennel. Some dogs, however, are more sensitive to dietary changes or the heightened activity level. Our staff is trained to watch for signs of stress, and know what to do to lessen the impact.

Just in Case
If your dog needs veterinary attention, we have a veterinarian on site. We are also close by two Veterinary Emergency Clinics. So rest easy.

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