Pet Boarding in Mansfield, MA

While most of this information focuses on dogs, many of the recommendations apply to cats too.

Kozy Kennels offers a unique concept in an Pet Care Facility. Kozy Kennels offers a unique concept in an Animal Care Facility We know that selecting a temporary home for your pet is an important decision. Kozy Kennels provides your pet with a comfortable caring atmosphere. We have the finest accommodations and services available anywhere, staffed by professionals.

Our goal is to give your pet a happy and safe boarding experience, and to enable you to enjoy your time away from home content that your pet is receiving the best care possible. We will care for all boarded pets with kindness and will place their welfare above all other business considerations.

We will provide security and safety for all boarded pets by means of proper kennel design, good pet handling procedures, adequate separation between pets and by keeping all pet boarding areas free of potential hazards.

Veterinary Services

Kozy Kennels is happy to offer veterinary services to our in-house guests. While boarding or grooming you can have your pet’s routine health needs taken care of by the Mansfield Pet Hospital (who makes daily visits to the kennel). This will make it easier for compliance with our vaccination requirements and save you time by eliminating those routine trips to the veterinarian.

Our pledge to you and your pet:

Maintain a bright and cheery atmosphere with impeccable cleanliness for your pet
Maintain an electronically monitored and alarmed facility for fire and smoke protection
Proper supervision of all boarded pets by competent and conscientious personnel
Will respond appropriately to any sign of distress or emergency
Will seek veterinary assistance whenever appropriate – Veterinarian on-site
Provide adequate ventilation to minimize possible exposure to harmful viruses
Require proper immunizations for all boarders
Individual water containers and clean water for each boarded pet
Feed an adequate and proper diet in accordance with instructions
Medications administered in accordance with instructions at no additional charge
Take appropriate measures to control parasites within the kennel environmentt
Maintain temperatures within healthful limits
Provide protection from the elements
Provide adequate exercise opportunities which are safe, secure and clean
Deal honestly, fairly and respectfully with the public.
Honor our commitments to our customers
Respect the confidential nature of our kennel/client relationship
Especially for Canines

Every dog has their own run – not cages – with adjoining sleeping quarters
(Dimensions: Indoor 4’ x 4’ Outdoor 4’ x 14’)
Fully air conditioned and heated for your pets comfort
Piped in soothing music
Comfortable bedding provided at no additional charge
Individual attention and playtime provided each pet daily at no additional charge
Special diets accommodated at no additional charge
Especially for Felines Especially for Felines

(8) Two-tiered cat cages for feline comfort (Dimension: 30”x 30″)
Separate quarters from the dogs
Fully air conditioned and heated for your pets comfort
Piped in soothing music
Special diets accommodated at no additional charge
Check Us Out

We invite you to visit our facility and find out first hand what sets us apart from the rest. Visit us anytime after 10:00 am (excluding Thursdays and Sundays)

If your pet hasn’t boarded before, consider boarding your pet overnight to start your pet off right with a positive boarding experience.

There are no tours on Thursday and Sunday.