Before You Board Your Dog

There are two aspects to your dog’s vacation preparation – mental and physical.

Your Attitude

Lots of people feel guilty when they leave their dog at a kennel. If this is you, take our word for it, your dog doesn’t feel nearly as bad being left as you do about leaving. Honest! Not that your dog won’t miss being with you – but if he has boarded before, he knows you’ll be back. (If he/she hasn’t boarded before, consider boarding your dog overnight to start your dog off right with a positive boarding experience.) Your dog won’t feel abandoned, promise!

At Kozy Kennels, Inc. your dog has a staff of caring professionals watching out for his/her needs and desires. While your dog won’t have your companionship, he/she will have ours. So rest assured that we will do everything in our power to make sure your dog’s stay with us is enjoyable. We hope knowing this will help make your dog’s boarding experience less stressful….for you.

What you should bring and should not bring with your pet:

Bedding: If you wish to bring his or her bedding please do not bring anything that can’t be washed with bleach as all articles brought in with pets will be returned clean for we frequently wash bedding belonging to a pet guest. No large beds please!

Items From Home: Pets use articles brought in with them as toys and chewing play things, so please do not bring any item which you do not wish to be chewed. We say NO to large foam or cedar filled pet beds which are very difficult for us to wash so we request that you leave them at home. Kozy Kennels provides rugs and fleece blankets to every pet.

Items from home might include toys, towels, small blankets, etc. for these items will contain your household smells and make the pet feel more comfortable while away from home. Please limit the number of items to 2 or 3 pieces. Label all items with your last name and the pet’s name. Do not bring your pet’s favorite toy. We will take every care with your pet’s possessions, but we will not be responsible for items lost or eaten. Keep in mind we do not guarantee return of these items – please only bring items you consider to be “disposable”.

Bowls: We use stainless steel bowls that are washed and sanitized after each use so you do not need to bring bowls from home.

Pet Diets: We strongly urge you to bring the food your pet is used to eating measured by individual meals in zip lock baggies labeled with your name and your dog or cats name. Please do not bring a 40 pound bag unless your pet is going to be staying long enough to eat an entire bag!

Veterinary Information: Please don’t forget your current vaccination records! Check above on this page to verify your pet has all the required vaccinations.

Leash and Collar: Please make sure when you arrive at Kozy Kennels, you bring your pet into the office on a leash (lock flexi leads before entering the building). For safety we remove all choke chains.

Emergency Contact Numbers: Every attempt will be made to provide the care necessary for your pet should an emergency occur. It is important that you leave a phone number where you can be reached or an emergency contact person so that communication between you and our veterinarian can take place in a timely manner. If there is an emergency, your pet will be seen by our veterinarian. Then we call you at the emergency number you provide. Please notify us about any pertinent medical history or problems with your pet.

If Someone Else Picks Up Your Pet For You: If you have made arrangements for someone else to pick up your pet from boarding. please let Kozy Kennels know who that authorized person is. We do not release pets to anyone other than the owner.

Let Us Keep Your Pet Company

  • On-site Veterinarian
  • All-inclusive boarding rates
  • Individual playtime in our spacious facilities
  • Professional grooming & boarding services
  • Friendly staff of pet enthusiast & professionals

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