Before You Board Your Dog

There are two aspects to your dog’s vacation preparation – mental and physical.

Your Attitude

Lots of people feel guilty when they leave their dog at a kennel. If this is you, take our word for it, your dog doesn’t feel nearly as bad being left as you do about leaving. Honest! Not that your dog won’t miss being with you – but if he has boarded before, he knows you’ll be back. (If he/she hasn’t boarded before, consider boarding your dog overnight to start your dog off right with a positive boarding experience.) Your dog won’t feel abandoned, promise!

At Kozy Kennels, Inc. your dog has a staff of caring professionals watching out for his/her needs and desires. While your dog won’t have your companionship, he/she will have ours. So rest assured that we will do everything in our power to make sure your dog’s stay with us is enjoyable. We hope knowing this will help make your dog’s boarding experience less stressful….for you.

What you should bring with your pet for boarding:

What most owners bring: Leash and Collar (dogs), carrier for cats; Medications, Vitamins, etc. (and written instructions); Veterinary information (inoculations, etc.); Information about your pet. For example: Is your dog aggressive? Does he/she climb? Does he/she chew? etc.; Emergency phone numbers? If you have made arrangements for someone else to pick up your pet from boarding, please let us know who that authorized person is and their telephone number. We do not release pets to anyone other than the owner unless prior arrangements have been made.

Some optional things you may want to pack: Diet & Treats: If you would like to keep to your pet’s own food in a ziploc bag. Please bring more than enough for the time that your pet will be here. Please bring extra food. You do not need to bring bowls or measuring cups. Bedding: We provide bedding. Toys: Feel free to bring a few of your pet’s toys. Something that reminds them of home. Please note dogs will chew. Even dogs beyond the chewing stage may chew when they’re away from home. We can’t guarantee you’ll get things back in the same condition as they came in.

Let Us Keep Your Pet Company

  • On-site Veterinarian
  • All-inclusive boarding rates
  • Individual playtime in our spacious facilities
  • Professional grooming & boarding services
  • Friendly staff of pet enthusiast & professionals

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