Cat Boarding At Kozy Kennels

Your Feline Will Feel Right at Home

Many cat owners might believe they are able to leave their cats at home while they are away due to the independent nature. However, many cats benefit from a supervised boarding where they are surrounded by caring professionals. At Kozy Kennels, our team works hard to ensure that your cat feels right at home.

To ensure your cat’s comfort, we pay special attention to:

  • Security: Our facility is closely monitored to ensure that your cat is cared for
  • Safety: We ensure that your cat is kept in a safe and secure area
  • Supervision: Our team is always on alert to make sure that your cat’s needs are met
  • Sanitation: Constant maintenance is a top priority
  • Temperature: The sleeping quarters are kept at a comfortable temperature
  • Bedding: We provide bedding that prioritizes comfort
  • Music: We provide soothing music to help your cat relax

Give us a call at (508) 339-0791 to learn about our cat boarding services.


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Let Us Keep Your Pet Company

  • On-site Veterinarian
  • All-inclusive boarding rates
  • Individual playtime in our spacious facilities
  • Professional grooming & boarding services
  • Friendly staff of pet enthusiast & professionals

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