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At Kozy Kennels Grooming Salon, we pamper your pets – dog or cat, long-haired or short-haired with soothing baths…scissor finishing…and TLC. We have grooming techniques that you could never do at home. Our staff is experienced in bathing and trims. Regular grooming not only helps pets look and smell better, it keeps them healthier, as well. Our stylists have professional experience with all breeds of cats and dogs, and will consult with you to provide the finished look that you want for your pet. Salon rates are dependent on the breed, coat condition and your special requests.


The Bather Box Bathing System gently massages your pet’s skin while it helps remove deep-down dirt and dander. We offer room-temperature, in-cage drying with surround air flow in order to make your pet as comfortable as possible.


Whether you have a long-haired Persian cat or short-haired Great Dane dog, our professional groomers at Kozy Kennels have the pet grooming services for your four-legged friend. With both cat grooming and dog grooming specialists on staff, we proudly offer comprehensive pet grooming at highly-affordable prices. Keep your long-haired hound feeling great during the summer months, or rid your home of excess cat dander — there are many benefits to our grooming services!


We take all pets in between the hours of 7:30 and 9:00 in the morning on the day of grooming. If you have specific requests for your pet, our groomers will sit down with you and make note of your specifications before the grooming begins. Once grooming is finished, your pet’s groomer will leave you with instructions and tips for maintaining a healthy coat for your cat or dog. Pet pick-up times are scheduled with groomers beforehand or they will call when your pet is done.


Boarded pets may not always stay as clean as they do at home for several reasons. Although our staff is vigilant in scooping and cleaning the boarding patios, dogs may soil their feet and coat. Longer coated breeds may become more soiled than shorter coats. To ensure a sweet smelling homecoming, we recommend a shampoo & dry prior to going home at an additional fee.

Get Mansfield, MA’s best in pet grooming for your cat or dog. Contact our expert groomers at Kozy Kennels today! To schedule an appointment or call (508) 339-0791 to set up an appointment!

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